How to Use Facebook Search

Facebook is a social networking site that is taking the world by storm. Today, the Facebook platform offers a lot of perks to users and does not restrict membership irrespective of the geographical location. One powerful tool every Facebook user needs to know about is the Search tool. But, it is unfortunate that the majority of people on Facebook do not know How to use Facebook search. That is the reason the topic is dissected in this article to give you detailed information about the tool.

How to Use Facebook Search

Facebook search allows users to search for anything about your friends. You can search for your friend’s latest status, the family photos you took together with the friend. Also, you can search for an event surrounding your friends and relatives. To make it easy for you to find information about your friend you want, we have some tips to assist you in that. So, you can continue to read to the end of the content to understand more about the tips that will enable you to search for the information you want without wasting time. So, take the time to check through the ricks and tips available here, and you will be happy that you did.

Get Started With Facebook Search

At the basic level of the Facebook search, you need to learn the interface. Your search result will come as you desire and depending on the keyword you entered into the search bar. Input the keyword you want to search for in the search bar to get the search results in the class category. Also, the query you entered will determine the order arrangement of the search result. Therefore, to get the information you want from the search result, scroll down through the list to check the result from pages, groups, videos, groups, posts, and others.

Make Use of the Search Filters to Find the Information You Need On Facebook

Facebook has seamless interface that understand the position and location of each of the icons and items. The filters are located at the left-hand corner of the screen, and you can make use of the filters to get the list you want. There is an exciting redesign of the Facebook platform in 2020, which changed the location of everything on the platform. Before the mid-2020 Facebook filters were as follow:

  • Post type
  • Date posted
  • Posts from
  • Tagged location
  • Post in the group.
How to Use Facebook Search
How to Use Facebook Search

However, these filters have been changed into something new and more impressive. The filters are now 11 in number with sub-filters and focus that makes it easy for users to redefine their results. Now with the new Facebook dramatic interface, you will get the following:

  • Posts
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Marketplace
  • Pages
  • Places
  • Groups
  • Apps
  • Events

You will still learn more about the filters before the end of this article.

Search the Facebook with the Search Posts Option

Facebook search bar comes in different commands. The examples of the search command are the (“find photos liked by the person you are searching for online”). In the filters Post, there are four other sub-filters. One of the popularly used and the most important toggle filters is the Posts you’ve seen. If you are regular Facebook users, you should have been seeing the feed. The only thing is that you may not have been able to move the feeds to watch later. With the toggle, you will be able to see the posts that you did not take time to check but scrolled past. That will make it easy for you to search for the post you want without issue.

More so, there is another chance to filter your posts with the tagged location. It is the unique filter that shows information about what other people have been saying about the place you search for any part of the world.

Search for photos on Facebook

Facebook is built with the concept of photo search, where friends come when they want to get information about their friends. Although the Facebook platform has evolved, its photo search remains one of the most popular filters for all users. So, users do gravitate to the Photo filter easily when they are on the platform. So, if you want to search Facebook to find out about anyone, the Photos filter is the right place to go. On the Photo filter, you can do oodles of things on your friends, colleagues, and partners.

The sub-filters under the Photos are four in number, and they include:

  • Tagged location
  • Photo type
  • Date posted
  • Posted by.

In the list of Photo filters, which enables you to specify what you want, whether to restrict your search display results on the Facebook database or on the photos you have checked on the news feed. Also, the Tagged Location and Posted by field will allow you to enter the place or name you want. The things explained here is one of the most difficult areas for those learning How to use Facebook search.

Video search on Facebook

If you are looking to learn How to use a Facebook search, you are not to search further. One search options you can find here is the video search. The video search is among the new features introduced in mid-2000 by Facebook. There are now toggles for group videos and live videos available on the platform. So, enabling the live toggle will help you watch a live broadcast from any station. The only thing about the live toggle is that it does not show the live videos that have already ended. You can watch videos life on Facebook using your mobile or desktop device.

Learn How to Search For Facebook Places

Are you looking for an easy way to know more about the location of your friends on Facebook? Facebook places have become the trending and powerful search tool for Facebook users. It is also among the newly added tool that can make it easy to search for places, such as family activity, restaurants, or tourist spots. That is why the tool is popularly used by Facebook users.

There are also some powerful sub-filters. The seven of the sub-filters you will find on Facebook include:

  • Status
  • Takeaway
  • Open Now
  • Price
  • Visited by your friends
  • Location
  • Delivery

These are the sub-filters of Facebook places that will help narrow your search until you find the right place you want.

The Search Facebook Job Filter

Facebook is no longer made to enable users to connect with friends and loved ones, but also available for those hunting for a job. Although the internet may not seem to be the place to find a job, Facebook search jobs is a powerful tool exclusively for those searching for a job. It is a job-hunting tool with everything job seekers want. It is one of the overlooked search tools on Facebook but has essential features that can help you get a job. With the help of the Facebook search job tool, you can find a new job from anywhere in the world. But, how can one carry out a job search on Facebook? The process is simple, you should start by checking Facebook’s Homepage at the left-panel of the screen to select the Jobs link. The filters are regularly upgraded with a new design to make search queries easy. Nevertheless, there is a menu at the left-hand where you can filter to select by sector, job type, or location. The guides on How to use the Facebook search provided here will not be completed except you learn about the job search.

The Facebook Marketplace Search

Although Amazon is not in rivalry with Facebook when it comes to ecommerce, Facebook Marketplace is growing rapidly to become the easy way for users to buy or sell items on the internet. Locating things to buy or sell on Facebook is easier than doing the same on eBay. You can search for everything you need ranging from a fairly-used car to a brand-new iPhone. Different social media networks have different ways of searching for things. The method of Facebook tool is different when compared with other social networks. The first thing to do before searching for anything on Facebook is to click on the link located on the left side of the panel on the marketplace. After the page has loaded, put in the basic search items, term or keywords, and hit the Enter key. Then you can narrow your search to the specific item you want by making use of the filters. One of the filters, there are some sub-categories, and they include:

  • Location
  • Category
  • Price
  • Item condition filters and more.

With the sub-search filters, you will be able to find the items you want in the place you want it and within your budget.

You must read the terms and conditions as well as the return policy on any online ecommerce shop you want to use for your online purchase. The same applies to the Facebook marketplace shopping.

Figure Out How to Know About Events with Search Facebook Events

The Facebook search event option is similar to the search places tool. It is a way to follow up with the activities or events going on in other parts of the world. You can also figure out the latest trends within your surrounding when you make use of the Facebook Search Event tool. The search event tools come with sub-filters, which include search by date, categories, locations, and others. The three widely used filters here include:

  • Popular with friends
  • Family member toggles
  • Online event toggle.

Search Facebook by The Groups

If you are learning How to use Facebook search there are many filters available on the Facebook platform. Among other filters, the popular one is to search by Groups. To search for the groups, you need the keyword relevant to the search result. Make use of the sub-filters to define your preferred groups in the locations of your interest. To increase your chances of getting the information you want through search, you should join the membership of as many platforms as possible. Most Facebook groups are free and easy to join, which made it necessary that you go on join the groups you are interested in to make it easy to find the information you want.


Facebook is a popular site with everything users need to make their day amusing. Becoming a member of a Facebook group or signing up for an account on the platform is free and does not cost money. The user-friendly interface of the Facebook platform is part of the reasons more people go for the platform. You can also increase your chances of searching for the information you want with the Facebook Search Group when you become a member of many platforms. Also, you can take advantage of the multiple filters and sub-filters to take advantage of the opportunity available on the internet. Take time to check through the filters to take advantage of the easy search opportunity. The search options range from jobs, place, video, photos, posts filters, and others. Now you can see that you have everything you need to take your search to another level when you take advantage of the things available here. Also, learning How to use Facebook search is simple, and does not take time to benefit from the things available. The post type, date posted, posts from, tagged location, posted in the group, and more are among the things you stand to get when you begin to use the Facebook filter. There is also an opportunity to buy the things you want when you check through the Facebook marketplace. But, before searching for the marketplace, or placing an order for the things available make sure you read the return policy. It is where you can find out more about the easy way to buy things or search for a job with ease.



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