Searching on Instagram has developed and become more sophisticated as compared to earlier on when Instagram was new and still developing. Because searching is such a crucial part when using Instagram and especially in business, the search feature has been expounded so that it can accommodate more people as well as concepts who find searching on it useful.Being such an engaging network, Instagram is the among the best social network platform that you can use so that you reach a wider variety of people. Despite the fact that it features just a few adverts and hyperlinks, it contains a very active community that are likely to be some of your customers or audience. As such knowing how Instagram works in terms of searching can be a good way for you to see how beautiful Instagram is.

Importance of The Search Feature On Instagram

Instagram has one of most advanced and most used search feature among the social media platforms. This feature is important in more than one way. Some of the benefits when you use the search feature include:

  • Getting a chance to get followers and therefore consumers of your products or services if you are in business
  • You get some of the best and more engaging hashtags that you can use on your own content
  • You directly find and engage your customers and fans
  • You find influencers and other people who like your product and collaborate with in order to benefit from the relationship

How Has Searching with Instagram Evolved?

Like mentioned in the introduction, searching on Instagram was not this engaging. It has come a long way and it is not surprising that some of you are still in the olden days. There used to be two main ways in which the search feature was structured on Instagram, that is:

  • Using the username
  • Using the hashtag

Nowadays, everything has changed and there are diverse ways in which you can search on Instagram. The olden ways of course are still crucial but newer methods have come up and made Instagram even better. These ways will form a major part of this article including how they are effective and how they can be good for your business.

Basics On How to Search On Instagram

Once you have your phone, you will require a strong internet connections and an Instagram account for you to access the search features that you need on this platform. Searching on Instagram is meant to increase your engagement with your audience as well as making sure that you have as many followers as much as possible. This can be achieved by searching people directly, places and hashtags. Therefore, the basis of searching on Instagram lies in finding:

  1. The required people
  2. The tags
  3. The places

Searching Instagram Content

Once you have an active Instagram account, you need to use the search feature to the fullest. Here are some of the concepts that can be helpful when it comes to searching content on Instagram.

Using relevant hashtags

Hashtags should be very important if you want to find content that is best for you on Instagram. The best hashtags usually point to what you are posting on Instagram. They should include everything that you are trying to bring out so that people get the best picture. A post about a trip to a certain place for example should capture hashtags of the location of the place and the major attraction that is found in the place. It is very easy to search Instagram using hashtags. The 2 quick steps involved are:

  • Typing a keyword in the Instagram search bar
  • Several hashtags usually on images or comments pop up and you can select one. It is important that you select the very first hashtag that comes out because it helps you find out about other hashtags that are relevant.

Using location

When you turn to location, it comes along with beautiful results that you may never expect a few years back when Instagram was coming up. Using location allows one to explore and find out about relevant Instagram accounts, best hashtags and even trending posts.

Accessing location of a post on Instagram is simple. It involves clicking on the location indicated on the post without going in the trouble of turning on your GPS. Once you have gone to the location, you will automatically see the most recent and top images as posted by other people using Instagram. Within this location, you can access the google maps as indicated on the posts.

Another way in which you can access the same location is by searching it in the search bar. Of course this will require that you have your GPS on so put it on and search the location in order to see people who have been to that location and their posts on the same. Using location to search Instagram is a good way to use for your business account. When you use this feature as one way of searching on Instagram, you:

  • Get people to easily locate your store, company or organization for better engagement
  • Easily share your location in your posts
  • Identifying your customers is also very easy once you get to know their location
  • Identify people within your company’s location who have come to visit so that they can come again for more


  • Using The Username to Search On Instagram

Using usernames remains one of the most potent traditional way of searching on Instagram. It is an easy way to find people and organizations that you know the names they use on Instagram. You simply need to put the names in the search bar and you will get the users. Instagram on its own usually suggests the people you might know which might be a great way to keep you going. When using this strategy to search on Instagram, you get a chance to follow:

  • Some of the celebrities that are your favorite
  • Brands
  • Bloggers
  • Friends and coworkers


Using Keywords to Search On Instagram

Keywords when used to search on Instagram will ensure that you found content and people in specific niches in which you might be interested. Keywords when searched will enable you to access both the people and the hashtags that are related to the keyword that you have entered. Unlike people, hashtags may be a bit diverse so you need to be careful in order to get exactly what you need.

Searching Instagram Using Followers

Another common and great way that you can navigate on Instagram is using followers to get certain information. What you need here is to get an account which carries the information you need. Once you follow these accounts, you will be able to see what they post and which kind of people and accounts comment and like their posts. Once you find followers who have quality content for example from the way they comment, then you can visit their account and follow them too and also see how they can be of importance in terms of what you offer.

Following such people and organizations is of great importance. You get to find customers for your products and services if you play your cards well. You can also be inspired by people who are in the same boat with you.

  1. Using Twitter to Search On Instagram

Last but not least, here is an interesting least known way in which you can such on Instagram. Using twitter to find content on Instagram comes in when one does not use hashtags but still posts particularly images that are related to your brand. The procedure of suing twitter is really easy. You just go to twitter, type your keyword in the search bar and follow the keyword with the results displayed are those of images about the keyword that people have tweeted with the keyword being part of the description.

Ways in Which Search Results Feature On Instagram

When you are in business and have chosen Instagram as a platform for you to get exposed, then you need to understand how you can easily feature in search results done on Instagram. This allows you not only to reach your followers but also other people that are not following you and therefore helping you grow each day. Here are some of the ways in which you can easily feature when someone does a search on Instagram:

Creating High Quality and Relevant Content

Great content is always a key determiner in the success of any business. Once you have such a content many people will like it and it will most likely pop up as the first entity once people key in search entities. Instagram brings the top posts based on popularity which only comes when you create content that is worth the time and space. Great content comprises of:

  • High resolution images which will definitely end up with more likes and comments
  • Using a hashtag that specifies your niche in business or activity and allowing people to follow the hashtags. There is usually less competition on hangtags and having one is a great step towards improving your chances of being top in Instagram search results.


  1. Adding A Location Tag to Your Posts

Location as seen above is one way in which people search on Instagram. This means that once you have posts that have your location on it, people will find them easily as compared to those posts which do not have location tags. It is easy to add a location since when you are preparing your post, there is usually a location icon which you can tap and set your location.

  1. Timing Your Posts

This is a trick that one should always use if they want to appear on top of Instagram search results. Timing implies that you post at certain times when you know that you target audience is active. This gives your posts a chance to encounter them and deliver your messages to them. It does not to be hectic since when you possess an Instagram business profile, the Instagram insights page will highlight everything for you. The page enables you to find the day and hour when most of your audience is usually active and therefore you can post during those days and hours.

  1. Going Live

Lastly, you can go live to increase your chances of appearing on top of search results. When you are still developing and not popular on Instagram, this will be a hard choice to go for but why not give it a try? Instagram normally displays some of the top live videos and when you are resilient enough, you may one day appear in this tab. You can go live because:

  • You want your audience to know about hours when your business opens up
  • You want to inform them about something that is coming up or you are launching something
  • It can be a question and answer session
  • Inform your audience about certain collaborations and takeovers
  • Inform people more about your products and services

Instagram Search and Engaging Your Fans

One of the benefits of Instagram search feature is an opportunity for you to engage your fans or customers. There are those people on Instagram who actually post something related to what you offer but do not tag your account so you never find out, the search feature allows you to find these customers and engage them. You can find these people easily through using:

  • Branded hashtags
  • Using your location


Searching on Instagram holds a very important place in the development of your account and business if you have one. It ensures that you get the most out of Instagram and develop your account within the shortest time possible. The several ways in which you can search on Instagram have been highlighted here and you can use them to benefit. Some of them are recent in development hence not common but learning them will prove that they are pretty simple.


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