How to Delete Search History on Android?


When using your android device, it is not uncommon that everything you have ever done in terms of searching will be stored somewhere. Google has been said to even know you better that anybody else because it knows everything you ever wanted, including your deepest secrets and many other things about you. This can be quite embarrassing especially when other people found out about your google activity.

This therefore calls for you to act on time and save your privacy. The good news is that you can permanently do away with everything in short time and forget that you ever searched for such things using your android device. This is the main aim of this article, highlighting clearly the issue of google search history and how you can delete it on your android device.

Browser History Vs Google Activity History

Many people get confused when it comes to clearing browser history and clearing google activity history. This are two completely different things both of which are important.

Deleting browser history simply implies that you are doing away with what is just local on your android device. On the other hand, deleting google activity history goes a long way to involve what is stored on google servers. It completely depends on what is important to you.

The Good and Bad of Deleting Your Search History On Android

Almost entirely everything has its bad and good so is deleting your search history on your android device. Generally, it is good to clear your history as often as much as possible. Two important advantages of deleting your search history include:

  • You are able to put your privacy under control and not have people misusing your information
  • Your browser will work more smoothly without much troubles

On the other side however, you will encounter some setbacks here and there. The most common setback with deleting your search history is having to set your usernames and passwords once again because they will also be deleted.

Why Google Keeps Your History

As long as you have been using google, you can be sure that it has saved your search history. There are several reasons as to why this is done. These reasons include:

  • Putting in place your profile

with your history of searching, google will put in place a profile that suits you. This include the perfect age for you, prefer languages, gender and interests.

  • Filtering Search Results ads

once a profile is in place for you, the next thing that makes google save your history is so that you can get results that are suited for you based on the history. Ads are also follow suit and follow what you search.

What to Do Before Deleting Your History On Android

As already mentioned above, deleting your search history is generally a great thing to do especially when it comes to your privacy. However, there is no point of just deleting your search history anyhow. There are certain things you need to consider before deleting it. Here are some of these things:

  • Data Retention Policies

if you work for an organization that uses the G suite, then it won’t be good if your rash to delete your history without looking at what the company considers the best practices when it comes to retaining data from google.

  • Backing Up Your Google Activity

Something else that you should never forget is backing up you google activity before deleting the history.

  • Downloading Your Google Data

Once you done with the backing up of you google activity, you can proceed with the downloading the data. The feature that allows you to do this is called the google takeout feature. The google takeout feature works on most if not all the google products that you use including maps chrome and many others. This is pretty simply and you can follow the following steps to ensure that you successfully download you google data:

  1. Visit the google takeout feature and go to the page which allows you to download your data. In this page, you are expected to select the data that you need to download. Normally, all the data is usually selected and you will only require to press the next.
  2. Once the archiving is done by google, you will receive a notification mostly via email with a link to download the archived content.

Once you have taken care of these three thongs, then you can proceed to safely do away with your history forever and be sure that you won’t get into trouble.

Deleting Your Android Search History

When it comes to deleting your search history on android, it means doing away with:

  • Video searches
  • Ads that you might have clicked on
  • Any searches that you might have done using your android device

Deleting is a simple procedure and here is how you can carry it out:

  1. To begin with, you will have to visit the My Activity Page and click on the vertical ellipsis. In the menu that comes about, click on Delete Activity By.
  2. Next, you will choose the span of time in which you need the data deleted. If you want to delete everything, choose All Time option.
  • After this, you will get the product drop down menu and you should select All Products. After this, select Delete to proceed.
  1. Once you have pressed the Delete option, google will inform you that it uses the data so that it can offer better products to you. Here select OK to proceed.
  2. Finally, the google will prompt you to know if you want to delete your activity. Simply select Delete and wait. After everything is deleted, the page should indicate that there is no activity.

Clearing Browsing History

Clearing your browser history as mentioned earlier is different from deleting your search history although related in some way. It is therefore good if one knows how both of these activities are done. Clearing your browsing history is a bit easy and straightforward. Here is how it is done for android devices.

  1. Visit chrome browser on your android device and go to history
  2. Tap the Clear Browsing History data option
  • Select the time range from the past 1 hour to all time browsing history
  1. Tap on clear data to finish the business

How Do You Ensure That Google Does Not Save Your Data?

To avoid the trouble of having to delete your google search history now and then on your android device, there is a way in which you can make google pause saving the data. There is however no way that you can completely stop google from saving your data. Here is a way in which you can temporarily pause the saving of your data by google:

  1. Visit the Activity Controls Page using your device. Here, you will see the Web And App Activity and you are supposed to slide the switch present to the left.
  2. Select the Pause option when Google inquires if you need to pause your web and app activity.
  3. The remaining part is for you to confirm if the activity is truly paused. The screen usually indicates that your activity is paused and also the sliding toggle is normally grey in this state.
  4. You can choose to pause activity even to all other google apps that you are logged on.

Google and Your Privacy

The whole idea of knowing how to delete search history on your android device revolves around protecting your privacy. Google is one search engine that does not so much care about your privacy and you need to be careful on the sites you visit and how to use it generally. While you can never be invisible to google even after deleting your search history, there are a few things that you can do to avoid issues with your private information while searching the internet. For example, you can:

  • Remove most of the google apps and services that you use
  • You can decide to switch from google and use other search engines that do not go into your privacy such as Duck Duck Go.
  • Or you can decide to never use the internet! Whatever is best for you as long as you do not risk important information.

Cookies and Google Search History

When looking at google search history, cookies are an important part that should not be left out. Cookies are basically small data that come from a website and are usually stored in the browser usually at the time when you are using it. They act like some kind of reminders to the website of your last visit. This is because they work in such a way that once you visit the website for a second time, they are send back to the website giving each and every information concerning your last visit.

  • Why Are Cookies Used?

Cookies are important because of two important roles:

  1. Store your username and preferences for that particular website
  2. Tracking the visits so that personalized ads can be pushed to you.

The fact that cookies can track some of your information means that they are important points that breach your privacy. The cookies are kept by the browser until they expire which can only be that time when you cease visiting the website and log off. Tracking cookies however can stay for a long time, to as long as years.

Browser Cache

Another important part of your privacy that is also related to google search history is browser cache. It stores information about the history of your browsing and it is important that you clear them. This is because they can be serious breach to your privacy due to their involvement your browsing. Deleting cache and cookies on the common browsers is easy. Here are some of the ways you can delete cache and cookies on these browsers:

Google Chrome

  • Go to chrome menu and select settings then advanced settings
  • Go to privacy section and click the content setting section in the menu
  • You will see the cookies section and you can change the settings as you wish.
  • You can delete all the cookies by clicking remove all.
  • You can also decide to just delete specific cookies. In this case, you will have to visit website that is responsible for the cookie and click on the X that will appear
  • Apart from deleting all the cookies, there is an allowance for you to click cookies over a specific period of time. This is found in the clear browsing data dialog.

Instead of going through all those troubles, you can decide to ensure that google automatically deletes the cookies once you quit the website. This can be done through selecting the keep local data only until I quit the browser option.


Firefox is also another browser that can be used on android. To clear cache on Firefox for android users and therefore avoid issues with your browser, follow the following procedure:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox app on your device and go to the menu button
  • Choose preferences and select privacy
  • Set Firefox in such a way that it will use custom setting for history
  • Click show cookies where the cookies window is supposed to appear.
  • You can search for the cookies depending on the type, field and name of the website.
  • When they appear, select them and click remove cookie button.
  • You can also decide to remove all the cookies
  • After everything is done, you can close the cookie window.


When using the web on android devices, deleting search history should be a routine procedure. This is important because such history may expose your important information. the history may also not be good when accessed by other people other than yourself. Care should be taken when deleting your history because sometimes also important information may be lost. Therefore, one should balance when deciding on deleting history and not deleting the history. It is pretty simple to delete the history as outlined in this article.










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